Adult Education

Adult Education

An infant of a human being grows into a child, a youth, an adult, and an old person. Education starts from childhood. Some children are deprived of it during their childhood or school age. So they start education after their childhood when they are adults. That education is adult education or education for adult persons is called adult education.

Education for people after their childhood is known as adult education. Those people who are grown up or passed their school age are called adults. It is given to adult males or females who are deprived of it in their childhood. There is no need for adult education where everyone is educated in their childhood. There is a need for adult education in the countries like Nepal where many people are not educated at their childhood age.

As many people are uneducated, there is great importance on adult education in our country. If they are not educated, they do cannot work properly. They neither know the problems of their family, society, or country nor can work skillfully. They have no knowledge of the developmental plans. Uneducated people are conservative, unskilled, and unaware of health and diseases also. They cannot follow the pace of time. They do not know the importance of change. They do not know what is happening in the world. Almost such people live poor, hard, and unhealthy life.

Nepal is not a fully developed country. It is a developing country. The majority of the people in Nepal live in villages. They are farmers. They are unaware of education and the modern world. They work in the fields with traditional types of equipment, methods, and skills. They have no idea about the importance of sanitation and health. The development of the country depends on the progress of the adult people. Education can improve the condition of the poor peasants in Nepal. We can help to educate the majority of the people in the country by educating the adult citizens.

There are many organizations working for adult education in Nepal. The government of Nepal also has launched adult education in different places as informal education. More attention should be paid and more programs should be run to make adult education successful. In addition to literary classes, they should be taught about different types of technical skills that help them to do their job better. There must be coordination between the activities of the government and non-government organizations. They should be supplied with necessary and effective educational materials.

Though education is very necessary for every person, in a country like ours adult education is indispensable. Unless all citizens are educated development of the country is impossible. All government and non-governmental organizations should work together.
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