Agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture in Nepal

Our country lies in the Monsoon region of South Asia. This region in the world is incredibly sensible and suitable for agriculture. Nepal has completely different forms of land structures and climatical regions. it’s mountains, hills, and Tarai or plain land as well as valleys among high hills. The Tarai or natural depression regions square measure very fertile. These regions have soil that’s appropriate for crops.

In Nepal, the economy is dominated by agriculture. It is the main supply of living for an additional p.c of the population, although solely roughly twenty p.c of the full acreage is cultivable. There square measure fully grown completely different forms of food and money crops in Nepal. completely different forms of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables square measure grown in numerous components of Nepal.

In line with the climate and land, people keep completely different animals, fish, and birds. of these square measure sensible sources of financial gain for the majority of Nepalese folks. Rice is the most important cereal crop in Nepal. alternative food crops enclosed wheat, millet, barley, and coffee, however, their contribution to the agricultural sector is little. money crops like sugarcane, tobacco, tea, cardamom, and jute also are fully grown in a wide quantity in Nepal. Potatoes and seeds also are fully grown in numerous components of the country.

However, agriculture because the main occupation is generally unproductive. Most farmers square measure poor folks. they’re not trained. They lack fashionable strategies and techniques of agriculture. There are many serious issues in this field. The farmers square measure uneducated and haven’t resorted to fashionable strategies of farming. This has LED to ancient and noncurrent strategies of farming being continued, which successively has neither improved the crops nor has it improved yield.

New forms of manure and soil improvement techniques have not been introduced. They still use the traditional plow and oxen to plow their fields. New and improved seeds square measure offered however our farmers square measure unaware of such developments so that they continue the victimization of the previous style of seeds and strategies. Another downside is that farming does not pay wealthy dividends. Therefore, most young men and women aren’t seeking careers as farmers. The irrigation facilities also are poor. Agriculture has become the least most popular vocation for many poor and rural youths as there’s a high state rate among them.

As the majority of the folks in Nepal square measure farmers, the event of the state depends on the development of agriculture. For this, farmers got to be educated and created tuned in to the newest techniques in farming. New canals got to be made and irrigation facilities need to be offered. The farmers got to be inspired with proper returns and profit for his or their turnout. New forms of technically enhanced seeds ought to be created and simply offered to them.

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