Dignity of Labour

Essay on Dignity of Labour

Everyone works to live a life. Some people work in offices, schools, colleges, universities, fields, factories, and so on. Some work at home. Labour is required everywhere. We can divide labor into two types: mental labor and bodily labor. Both labors are equally important and prestigious. The dignity and significance of labor cannot be categorized.

Some people view all jobs are not equally dignified. They claim that the jobs of doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, administrators, etc. possess high dignity; and the jobs of miners, drivers, sweepers, etc. do not have high dignity; but it is an evil concept. The dignity of labor equally exists everywhere. Mental labor and bodily labor cannot be categorized with respect to importance and dignity.

Labour is very important. If the people of a country are laborious, it can be developed rapidly. Labor promotes the status of the individual, society, and the whole country. When an individual is hard-working, he/she can make rapid progress in life.

For instance, if a student works hard, he/she will learn what is to be acquired. He/she will get better marks in the exam and will be awarded by the academic institutions. He/she will get scholarships to further his/her higher studies. He/she can get an opportunity to be well-skilled and knowledgeable. As the result, he/she will get a good job after he/she completes a certain degree.

Similarly, if all the members of a society are hard-working, it can make a great improvement very quickly. Labour is the source of the power of a nation. Both brain work and bodily work contribute equally to the progress of human civilization.

The progress of the nation depends on the labor of the citizens. For example, it is said that the Japanese are very laborious; that’s why they have developed their nation rapidly. The people who are not laborious cannot succeed in their life, and they lead themselves to failure.

To work is to worship God. He will be satisfied with our hard work and labor; then we will be blessed by him. In order to respect the labor, all the laborers should be respected because their contribution is as sacred as God’s. It is true that the dignity of labor is at the root of human civilization and prosperity.

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