Earthquake and Volcano

Essay on The Earthquake and Volcano

An earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth’s surface. It is a shaking of the ground. First, there is a trembling then come severe shocks. At last, there is a trembling again, which gradually dies away. The center from which the earthquake waves originate is called the seismic focus. The seismic focus lies within the crust of Earth. The point on the earth’s surface, vertically above the focus is called the epicenter. The intensity of earthquake tremors is maximum at the epicenter and decreases with distance from the epicenter. The intensity of earthquake waves and their time of occurrence is recorded by an instrument called a seismograph. The intensity of an earthquake is measured on Richter Scale. The earthquake occurs due to several causes. The interior of the earth is very hot when the rocks are in the molten stage. When the rainwater reaches there through cracks, it changes into steam, which expands. The steam has a great force and it pushes the earth’s surface and the quake occurs. Volcanic eruptions too produce quakes; so quakes are very common in the volcanic region. They may be due to the collapse of hollows beneath the ground. Some earthquakes are so gentle that we do not feel them; some spread enormous destructions. Earthquakes bring many changes. In some places, the land is elevated and in some places it is depressed. The drainage system is disturbed. After the earthquake, starvation follows. There was a violent earthquake in Nepal in 2045 B.S. The earthquake of 1990 B.S. and 2072 damaged many things in the Kathmandu valley there is no way to stop the earthquake. It is a natural occurrence and beyond human power. But we can be aware of such calamities.

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