Essay on Corruption


The word corruption means dishonest or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority. Or it is the act or effect of making somebody change from moral to immoral standards of behavior. The person or people willing to use their power to do dishonest or illegal things in return for money or to get an advantage are corrupt people. It is also one of the major social problems today.

The problem of corruption in Nepal is a burning challenge now Not only in Nepal, but also it has become the biggest problem in underdeveloped or developing countries in the world. Though it is punishable crime by law, it has spread rapidly day by day. Giving and accepting any bribe is prohibited by law.

An honest official or leader does not accept any bribe but the corrupt ones do nothing without it. Besides some rich and scurry people encourage officials and leaders to be corrupt. Therefore it is a matter of illegality, negligence, lack of sincerity, and honesty.

In Nepal, most government officials and leaders are corrupt. They abuse their position and power to influence others. It is said that some public position holders do not care about their duties; rather they only care about their own benefits. They are found to have been involved in the practice of corruption.

Corruption has many causes. There are some factors that are responsible for promoting corruption. Some of the officials and leaders are greedy by nature and they are interested to corruption. They like to earn much money in a short time. Next, some rich businesspersons, industrialists, and investors or customers force to take extra money to complete their work fast.

Some people have extreme greed to earn money, selfishness, lack of honesty, and absence of moral values. Sometimes weak and loose government policy also causes corruption. If the people in the government are corrupt there are golden chances for the corrupt persons.

Discrimination among officials on the basis of salary and facilities also may be a cause of corruption. Some poorly paid officials are also compelled to accept bribes to run their daily life. Mostly irresponsible and immoral officials and leaders are likely to be involved in the practice of corruption.

Corruption has become a virus in every country. The condition of corruption demoralizes the dignity and prestige of any nation. If the officials and people in a country are corrupt, there is no chance of development. The corrupt people become very rich illegally overnight and the poor become poorer.

The poor and the oppressed people start destructive struggles against the government. Persons with corrupt mentality and activities lead to other many crimes. At last, corruption leads human civilization to ruins. This can be a vital virus for humans.

There are many ways to stop or discourage Corruption. First, the state should be fair and corrupt-free. The corrupt officials and leaders should be legally punished by the state. Fair, sincere and good officials should be awarded. legally earned property by the corrupt should be nationalized.

People should be educated that taking and giving bribes also is a crime. Poorly paid officials should be paid well. All corrupt people should be fired from their positions. Government offices should be made politics-free.

In conclusion, purity in human thought and behaviors is a must to control social problems like corruption. Corruption is a Social, legal, and moral crime. It leads human civilization to ruins. It should be first discouraged and uprooted completely from Society. It is a burden on human dignity and prosperity.

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