Essay on Science and Technology

Science and Technology

This is the age of science and technology. Science has changed every aspect of our life. It has developed many modern means and types of equipment. We have many machines today. It has made our life comfortable.

Many impossible things have been made quite possible today. There are wonders of science at every step of our life. Many things are available due to the use of science. Science has become a boon today. It is an important part of modern civilization.

It has brought a lot of changes in our lives. It is a science that made everything possible which was impossible in the past. Today, we can do everything easily and comfortably due to science and technology.

As science has developed many advanced technologies, people can round the world in a few hours via airplane, rocket, etc. We can send a message from one corner of the world to another with various means of communication such as telephone, mobile, fax, telegraph, and so on.

We can talk face to face to another person by sitting in the corner of our room. We can see different kinds of events happening in the world on the television screen sitting in the room or on our Facebook. We can travel into space and other planets.

These all are possible through science and technology. So, without science our life today will be incomplete. Science also has bad impacts on our life because of its misuse by some people. It has been used in destructive activities.

It is used in the wrong manner, which has badly affected the whole of mankind as well as all creatures. Science is doing a great job to make our lives more and more comfortable. It is therefore that scientific inventions are playing an important role in the life of human society.

Science has touched almost all areas of our lives. From transportation to Communication and engineering to medical science, science has become a blessing. Scientific inventions like the radio; TV, telephone, electricity, computers, etc are the marvelous effort of science.

The invention of the steamboat marked the beginning of the modern ship. The Wright brothers were the first to fly successfully in the air. Scientific inventions and discoveries have become a part of our daily lives. They give us great comfort and happiness.

It is a boon in peace and development. It has brought us a lot of comfort and benefits. It has given legs to the lame, ears to the deaf, and eyes to the blind. On the other hand, it is also a curse because science has also developed automatic killing machines and bombs that are used in killing people and destroying properties.

As science is a boon for us, science has been an integral part of life. So, we should use it in a proper place in a proper way. If we use science properly, we will overcome the nature near future otherwise it may be a destroyer, too.

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