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Essay on My Habits

There are different kinds of people. Some are good and some bad too. Different people have different habits. Different persons have different interests, They act and behave differently and do different work.

They speak and eat. wear, play, and perform different activities in their own way. These activities may be good or Bad also. Habits are formed by repeated acts. They become part of Our character. It is easy to form habits but difficult to give them up.

Good habits make a good man and bad habits a bad man. A person with good habits is liked by many people and can do difficult tasks easily. Good habits are needed by every person. We should form good habits.

Youth is the time for forming good habits. Habits should be such as building character and promoting manliness. We should cultivate the habit of honesty, obedience to parents and teachers, industry, moral courage, and will- power.

When our youth is gone, we cannot form good habits because the mind hardens. Parents should be cautious. Some parents overlook the little lapses of their children. It is a kind of encouragement to the children. They go on committing fault after fault.

Then it becomes hard to bring them on the right track. Bad habits should be mapped in the bad otherwise they cannot be forsaken when they take root. The best way, therefore, of building up character is to create desirable habits.

We should cultivate only the habits that build character. Children are imitative. They copy what their elders do.

Therefore, grown-ups should be careful of their behavior before children. Companions also influence children. So, children should they cannot be forsaken when they take root. keep good company. Good company helps to learn good habits.

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