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Essay on my School

School is the place where children go to study. I also go to school. The name of my school is Namuna Samudiyak English Boarding School.

It is not so far. It is near my house. There are many teachers and students. It was established in 2058 B.S. It is beautiful and also neat and clean. There are three big buildings at my school. They are not so tall.

They are safe and strong. We feel safe there. Each building has two flats. There are 50 rooms My school is made up of brick and cement. Rooms are of medium size.

There are also three big halls. There are twelve toilets, four in each There are good benches, desks, and whiteboards in all classes. There are chairs and desks. There are about 60 teachers and 1500 students.

There is 35 non-teaching staff. The office or the Principal’s room of my school lies on the ground floor. There are computers, maps, a globe, chairs, and tables. It remains clean and tidy.

Their parents do visit him regularly in that room. Our school has a computer lab. There is also a science lab in my school. There is a big library in my school. There are different books related to different sectors over there.

There is a canteen in my school. Fresh and healthy food and snacks are available over there. There is also the facility of clean drinking water. There are different playing things on the ground.

There are many trees and flowers on the ground. I do also sit under the trees with my friends. School is a very important to place for us to learn many things.

Our school is very attractive. It is neat and clean. I am very happy to read at this school. We are very happy and my and other parents are also happy at this school.

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