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A very small town located in a country area is a village. Nepal is a country of villages. There are many villages in our country. Though I live in a city now, I was born in a village. It is very beautiful and peaceful.

I was born in this village. So, I love it very much. The name of my village is Madheeli. It is in Sunsari District. My village is a big village. There are many brick-built houses here. Some houses are beautiful. But most houses are made of wood and bamboo. They have thatched roofs.

The main road is wide but dusty. Others are narrow. Some of them go underwater during the rainy season. There is no good drainage system. There are two temples here. There is a High School here. A library has also been set up. There are many shops here. All the necessary things are available.

A weekly market is held. Here is a good motorable road. So, we have easy transport. My village is thickly populated; people of different castes live here. There is unity in the village. There are some engineers and doctors here. Some people are engaged in business. The number of farmers is great.

Many people in Nepal live in villages. We also live and like to in villages. My village is a very attractive and lovely place for many tourists. This is an ideal village. I like to visit it once every year wherever I may be.

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