Natural Calamities

Essay on Natural Calamities

All the living creatures in the earth are the products of nature. All the things are the gifts to those living beings. So, each and every creature has equal right to use all these things. Nature loves all the creatures equally.

But, due to human activities, sometimes nature also cannot bear the activities and it shows its violent form. Those are different kinds of natural calamities or disasters. A natural calamity means a disaster caused by nature.

A natural calamity is an event that causes great damage to people’s lives, property, etc. Earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts, famines, floods, etc. are examples of natural calamities. It disturbs normal life and brings untold miseries.

People lose their life and property. Those who survive become homeless, and landless and are forced to lead a miserable life. Natural calamity has been a regular phenomenon in the world from time immemorial.

Sometimes earthquakes, volcanoes, drought, and famine strike. Similarly, floods sweep away land and the people quite often. Our country, Nepal is also a victim of many such calamities. It experienced a terrible earthquake in 1990 and 2072 BS and several people were killed.

Sometimes it faces drought and famine, and sometimes devastating floods and landslides. Thousands of people are killed due to floods and landslides every year.

Today, natural calamity is not a problem of a particular country but it is a global problem. Man has been experiencing this kind of catastrophe since his existence. Our bad activities cause many natural calamities.

Human beings destroy forests, block the ways of rivers and build houses there, extract different metals and petroleum from underground, and damage the level of the earth. Earthquakes and volcanoes are beyond human control.

Modern science and technology have enabled man to know the reasons but have not found any solution so far. Natural calamities such as drought flood and famine are caused by human activities and they can remain under human control I we are careful.

Human activities create a natural imbalance on the earth that causes such natural disasters. Human beings have been exploiting natural resources very badly. If we are considerate and reasonable, we can save our ecology.


In conclusion, natural disasters and calamities are caused by human activities. So we are responsible for them it is our duty to control them. For this, we should not destroy forests and wild animals. If we protect them, they can protect us in return.

Though we cannot control all these calamities, we can be conscious and save life and property from disasters.

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