Natural Resources of Nepal

Natural Resources of Nepal

Human beings moreover as different living beings want different natural things to measure. Beings use such things to eat, save, travel or breathe or drink. There square measure several styles of natural resources in the world. owing to the egotistical and inhuman behavior of some people, many of us and animals square measure affected by several issues of natural resources like gas and fossil oil merchandise.

Things have given naturally for the event of living being square measure termed as natural resources. Water, air, forests, soil, minerals, etc square measure the example of the natural resources. Water and air square measure the essential components of living beings’ survival, food, clothes, and shelter square measure other vital parts square measure naturally created and don’t seem to be created by people in general. Nature has given us all resources in our country.

Water, a common necessity for the survival of life and very essential for agricultural development is the main natural resource of our country. The Kingdom of Nepal has several wide and deep natural rivers flowing down the snow-clad Himalayas. The rivers particularly Koshi, Karnali Mahakali Seti, and Gandaki square measure fleetly flowing rivers of Nepal. However, because of the dearth of men and monetary resources, we’ve got fallen behind to derive all and full benefits from these natural gifts.

Nepal is a country with a kind of climate, that has different types of forests relying upon them. There square measure tropical, subtropical and alpine forests, that square measure the nice supply of timber. Besides, they provide America with several benefits in many ways. They help to provide the conditions necessary for rain by providing moisture to the atmosphere. But, to supply areas for this uncontrolled growth of population they’re being abated day once a day.

Besides, forest fires square measure another explanation for revealing thick forests. We should preserve our forest by planting trees and defending against it. The Kingdom of Nepal conjointly receives the shares of minerals from the natural distribution. However, the Kingdom of Nepal isn’t made of minerals. Iron is found in numerous places in the Kingdom of Nepal. Magnesium, lead, zinc, rock, etc also are found in the Kingdom of Nepal. because of a lack of technicians, tools, and finance, more spots of minerals have yet to be found.

Nepal is made of natural resources however because of a lack of development and lean men, types of machinery, finance, and the condition of being landlocked are affected by several issues. If we have a tendency to square measure in a position to identify and refine the minerals even from the suspected areas, we can utilize these natural resources in the close to future. Nepal can be freelance in fossil oil and fossil fuel.

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