Population Problem in Nepal

Population Problem in Nepal

Population refers to the number of individuals living in any area. By population, we tend to mean the total variety of kids, boys and girls, adults, and previous living in an area. The count of the number of individuals living in a very place is known as Census. it’s taken within the interval of fastened amount. In Nepal, it’s a command every 10 years. in keeping with the census 2068, the total population of Asian nations is pair, 64, 94, 504.

The population itself isn’t any drawback. however, its management is necessary. the solely uncontrolled and unmanaged population is a problem anywhere. The population anywhere isn’t constant. Population plays a significant role in the event of a nation. It is regarded to be necessary human resources for development unless it will increase in a very rational manner. General increase within the population is regarded to be traditional. within the context of Asian nations, growth in the production of food is extremely difficult. It has to be controlled.

The population of Asian nations is increasing per annum. however, economic development and food production are extremely low. Most individuals are from the poor Asian nation. They suppose that a lot of hands in the family mean a lot of income in the future. particularly farmers and laborers need to grant birth of many babies. They hope that their kid will facilitate them in their fieldwork. therefore it’s the most reason for the zoom of population.

Poor individuals don’t apprehend the manner of dominating the birth rate through birth control Some rural individuals regard it’s against religion to use any means of birth control. rife early marriage in some rural communities is additionally resulting in the rise in population on associate degree dread manner. In villages, the majority of our ladies are getting married before they get maturity. matrimony is another cause of this space. In some rural areas of our country, individuals bring more than one wife and provide birth to many kids. Wish for a male child is another vital cause during this space that exists not solely among uneducated individuals but additionally among educated individuals also. This situation remains rife in several elements of our country.

If there’s a lot of uncontrolled population compared to production, it’s a population drawback. There square measure several adverse effects of uncontrolled growth. It brings several issues such as natural disasters, crimes, and state and financial conditions. More people mean a lot of issues. If there’s uncontrolled population growth, an outsized portion of value must be spent on the basic wants of individuals like food, housing, and cover. It hampers the economic development yet as the progress of the country, since the country wouldn’t be ready to meet the essential wants of the individuals attributable to this increasing population. state problem is additionally a byproduct of skyrocketing population. we will manage population growth through family education. today several oldsters have controlled their family size. it should be true that the progress of our country depends on a controlled and well-planned population.

At last, the population is the most significant issue in any country. it’s a necessary component of a nation however overspilled or unmanaged population may be a nice drawback. In our country additionally, we tend to should manage and management it.

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