Water Resource in Nepal

Nepal is the second richest country in water resources while Brazil is the first in water resources. Here square measures over 6000 rivers and rivulets in the Kingdom of Nepal. Among them, rivers square measure the foremost vital water resources in the Kingdom of Nepal.

There square measure several lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers in the Kingdom of Nepal. The major rivers in the Kingdom of Nepal square measure Mechi, Koshi, Bagmati, Narayani, Gandaki, Karnali, and Mahakali. Among them, the Koshi is the largest. The Narayani is the deepest and therefore the Karnali is the longest river in Nepal. the most important lakes square measure Mahendra Tal, phew Tal, and Beganas Tal. Similarly, there square measure in numerous brooks, streams, and comes. Snow-lined mountain peaks square measure the permanent water resources of rivers, lakes, and rivulets. Water isn’t solely helpful for living, it is also for development.

There are various capsulated water bodies everywhere in Asian countries and people including lakes, ponds, dams, and alternative tiny wetlands. A recent report by the National Lakes Conservation Development Committee has known a total of five,358 lakes in an Asian country (including 2323 glacial lakes). Lakes are unfold at totally different elevations further as on entire east-west longitudinal varies. There is 9 ground known as Ramsar sites in an Asian country.

Other necessary lakes embrace Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas in Pokhara (Kaski district). These enclosed water bodies are a necessary supply of water for irrigation, recreation, fishing, and alternative domestic uses. additionally, these are habitats for various flora and fauna. Wetlands are a sanctuary for migratory birds and alternative fauna. The wetlands of the country’s lowlands alone support thirty-two species of mammals, 461 species of birds (among that fifteen species are rare), nine species of turtle, twenty species of snake, and twenty-eight species of fish.

Nepal additionally has well-endowed groundwater resources. The calculable renewable groundwater potential of the country is calculable to be twelve km3. they’re a major supplier of domestic uses and irrigated agriculture in Terai regions. except for the Terai region, cities like Kathmandu are extremely passionate about groundwater resources to fulfill daily water wants. Groundwater discharges are important for maintaining water levels in rivers originating from Middle Mountains.

Our life is closely associated with water resources. All of them play a vital role in the development of the country. we’ve made hydroelectricity in several places mistreatment the water of the rivers, rivulets, and streams. they’re additionally vital for transportation and recreation. Nowadays, many of us get pleasure from rafting in rivers and water travel on lakes. Rivers additionally play the role of regional and national boundaries of the country. The agriculture of the Kingdom of Nepal may be improved by providing adequate irrigation.

Especially the rivers that flow through or close to the cities are getting contaminated. Similarly, the lakes and the tiny streams have god contamination due to the various activities of folks… Urbanization and industry square measure the most causes of pollution of water resources. we can see that Lake Phewa in Pokhara is obtaining polluted. Nowadays, the Bagmati and Bishnumati in Kathmandu do not have a lot of rivers; rather they appear to be dirty drainages. The resources of water have gotten badly affected. due to fast deforestation, water quantity in rivers has been decreasing.

Water resources in the Kingdom of Nepal may be preserved in some ways. Firstly, all the open and barren lands ought to be afforested. the prevailing forest ought to be preserved. we can preserve the rivers, streams, and lakes in waster merchandise of the mill, garbage and dirt ought to be properly managed. If we tend to preserve our water resources, we can earn foreign currency. The rivers in the Kingdom of Nepal square measure appropriate for rafting, We can manufacture a lot of hydroelectricity than we want. It may be sold to neighboring countries. In the long run of our nation depends on the proper use of water resources.

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