Transportation in Nepal

Transportation in Nepal

A human being is the superior creature of all the living beings in the world. Human beings are wise, conscious, and intelligent. They are interested in many things. That means human beings have sense. That sense makes human beings move, search, watch, look, think, and travel from here to there, gather things and send them from one place to another. For this, they have developed many kinds of vehicles or they use many things to travel. They are means of Transportation.

We can say that transportation is the backbone of development. Like other different things, means of transportation play a vital role in the development of a country. The development of transportation is very essential for every place, and country in the world. For developing countries, transportation is one of the important factors of development. Without good transportation, no country can achieve remarkable progress. There are different kinds of means of transportation. There are different routes of transportation like sea or water, air and land or road.

Nepal is a land-locked country therefore, transportation by sea or water is impossible here. There are many big and long rivers but they flow from a higher place to a lower one with great force. Transportation by rivers is difficult too. It is because the rivers in our country have a high current. So, Nepal has to build roads to provide the facility of transportation. Nepal is a mountainous country. Road building is often slow and expensive here due to Nepal’s difficult geographical structures.

Keeping the importance and need for road transportation, Nepal has constructed many roads- short, narrow to highways. However, the Mahendra highway, the longest highway in Nepal, runs from Mechi to Mahakali. Many other headquarters of the districts in the Tarai are linked with the highway. But some of the districts in the mountain areas don’t have roads and they have to walk for hours to go to a hospital if they are sick. Moreover, it is very difficult for them to carry the things of daily life. Another route is the air route. Our country has its state airlines, which are being helpful to supply things and carry people from one place to another. But, traveling by plane is very expensive for the average Nepali. People over here travel on animals’ backs also. To boost up our economy, the government of our country has to give a high priority to transportation.

Nepal is far from sea and air so transport is expensive in Nepal. Because of the uneven land structure of Nepal, it is difficult to develop road transport. But transportation is the main and important infrastructure of development. We should work day and night to develop it. Road transport is the most important in our country Nepal.

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